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O2C One-off

Books, e-books, loose-leaf editions or online content: handle all one-off products in one single system, from recording orders to CRM. You only need to identify the customer and product in the system; the software takes over the other tasks and determines all the necessary data automatically and guides you through all the relevant O2C processes.

Efficient order processing:

  • Full support for the specifics of the book trade; Baker & Taylor, Ingram, ONIX, and Centraal Boekhuis integration
  • Multi-tenant, multi-language, multi-currency
  • Identify the customer and product; the software takes over the other tasks and determines all the necessary data automatically from master data
  • Prices and terms are determined automatically
  • Electronic ordering is supported
  • Real-time web shop integration via Web Services
  • Integration with web delivery platforms – authorize digital shipments in real-time via Message Based Services

Optimizing shipping costs:

  • The system makes use of rules for discounts - responding to customer instructions
  • The system determines shipping costs for effective cost control
  • Different consolidation models can be combined; shipments can be combined

Controlling production:

  • Stock and shipping and dispatch are automated
  • Minimum stock warnings and reports help regulate reprints
  • Control of internal stock movements, shipping units and returns; credit notes are created

Effective CRM:

  • Integrated CRM functionality helps you deal with queries and issues as they arise
  • Address management and address marketing
  • Postal check and duplicate recognition
  • Direct marketing and direct sales tools
  • Planning and controlling of marketing activities and evaluation (orders received from specific marketing initiatives are analyzed)
  • Comprehensive reporting - information can be processed using various file formats: reports can be adapted to your precise needs
  • Detailed analyses for controlling

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