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Our Podcast: Klopotek Publishing Radio

This is Klopotek Publishing Radio. Tune in to stay updated about key discussions in our industry.

Episode 1 features audio expert Javier Celaya, Founder of dosdoce.com: “Audio and Subscription Services: Are You Ready for the Changes?“ – with one of many key topics: “how the Corona lockdown changed our reading and consumption behavior and how publishers can adapt to the changes and turn them into opportunities”.

Episode 2: Publishing consultant Robert Baensch guested our show and brought us his in-depth investigation, understanding of the Chinese publishing market, and advice on how to build new bridges to reach there.

Listen here:

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BTW: We’d like to hear from you – tell us what’s going on with your publishing projects or business during these challenging times on Twitter ( @Klopotek_AG ) or LinkedIn – or just email info(at)klopotek.com– this might be one of the next topic’s of Klopotek Publishing Radio ...